3 Moving hacks to make unpacking a breeze!

1) Why take your clothes off the hangers?

Take a garbage bag and put it directly over a group of clothes. Start by putting the bag on at the bottom and pull it up. Use the drawstrings to wrap it around the hangers to keep them together.


2) Have a bunch of stuff in a container?

Don’t dump them into a box. Grab a box of saran wrap and wrap them right up in their container. A great example is a utensil organizer. Leave all your silverware right in the organizer and saran wrap it up. Bonus, you’re not “putting away dishes” when you unpack. Unwrap and you’re done!


3) Color Code with Duct tape!

Pick up a roll of duct tape in a different color for each room in the house. Seal up each box with the designated color. You can still write the room location on the box or make a quick color legend for you to reference when you get to your new house. (Having all this tape can come in handy regardless - you’re moving so you’re pretty much guaranteed you'll need it at some point!)