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Sept. 25, 2018

Mortgage Minute Sept 2018

Be proactive when planning for your future!

We’ve all heard that buying a home is the biggest investment you will ever make. This is certainly true… so how do you prepare for making the biggest investment of your life? Take the time up front to educate yourself to help ensure that ...

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Aug. 16, 2018

Mortgage Minute - Have you been turned down for a mortgage?

Have you been turned down for a mortgage?

Hearing the word no when you apply for a mortgage can certainly be discouraging. But the word NO doesn’t have to mean NEVER!

There are various reasons that financing would be denied. Here are a few common reasons.

  1. Your credit score isn’t high enough ...
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Oct. 16, 2017

Mortgage Minute - Renting vs Owning


The choice between buying a home and renting one is a big decision to make. There are many advantages to buying a home rather than renting one. There are also considerations that you should think about.


Homeownership Advantages

Monthly mortgage costs are often cheaper than ...

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April 21, 2017

Mortgage Minute - The Future is Bright

The Future is Bright

For the second time in three months the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate.

However, our outlook remains positive!

Barring economic setbacks, this rate hike will likely be followed by additional rounds of increases throughout the year. Even with the Fed’s recent decisions, housing affordability ...

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